Migrating Your Wix Site To WordPress Is Now Easier Than Ever

Thinking about moving from Wix site to WordPress. But the big question on your mind is, “How do I get the migration done without stressing over the amount of time, effort and safety of my treasured content?” Contact CMSTOWP, the experts in WordPress migrations, and with few simple and quick steps you can move all your pages, posts, comments, users, links, attachments, without a downtime and doing exactly what you love to do, create content.


What Do We Include?


Web pages, images, articles, blog posts, videos, etc everything is migrated to the new Wordpress website.

Design customization

To provide you hassle-free control for your pages, we provide in build theme control panel and use various page builders like Wbakery, beaver, elementor, etc. to design pages.

SEO Retention

We make sure your SEO juice remains intact including URLs, meta tags, meta titles, page titles, etc. We make sure all the relevant pages are accessible to the search engines.

Post Launch Support

Our Wordpress experts can maintain your website and keep it secure with our post-launch services package that is tailored to your needs.

Why Wordpress

Easy user management

Fluidity of design and flexibility

Robust security features

Social Media features

SEO benefits

Large developer community to provide a stable and safe platform

Simplest content management

A true Open Source solution with ZERO licensing cost, WordPress can be the core of your business, maintaining and growing it easily on the digital platform for years to come.

Why Migrate From Wix Site To Wordpress?

Difficult Experience With Website Backend Management In WIX

Most of the users have been found frustrated with the complexity, extremely technical nature and backend manageability of WIX and so it makes sense to migrate to a simpler platform which doesn’t require much technical knowledge or coding skills.

Little Customization Available In WIX

Used by less than 6% of the websites around the world, WIX proves to be hugely difficult when it comes to customization as per the nature of the business. On the other hand, having a huge developer community and used by more than 60% of the websites around the world makes sure the plugins are available to customize your website as per the nature of business.

No HTML Editing Or FTP Software Required In Wordpress

Wordpress doesn’t require an FTP nor does it require an HTML editing software to edit and delete files from your website or to upload/download images, documents, video files etc.

How Do We Migrate?

1. Establish A Plan

We discuss the business objectives of the stakeholders in order to understand what actually they want to achieve with the upgrade and accordingly build a plan that includes redesign and restructuring.

2. Review And Cleanup

Once the upgradation is done in staging, the tools are run again to find any “Page Not founds” and then fix them with a rewrite rule.Our technical expert team take measures and necessary steps to preserve SEO.

3. Getting Organized For Migration

We map the legacy data structure with the new data structure in a mapping sheet that maps each data type and its fields with the new structure.

4. Prepare For SEO Preservation

To ensure SEO preservation, we use services to crawl the website and export URLs to help understand current site’s architecture and take care of valuable links.

5. Migration To WordPress

We create a new WordPress installation in a different database from the earlier installation and make sure that all the original taxonomies are correctly labelled.

We Convert Wix To Wordpress With The Highest Level Of Customer Service

Wordpress, being a powerful and flexible content management system(CMS), provides users a lot of freedom in how they choose to use and interact with the software and can modify that in anyway they would like via number of tools available. It’s designed by its community to be user friendly and has all the features most needed by website creators and owners. With our robust upgrade scripts rest assured that your transition from WIX to Wordpress will be practically painless and you get the highest level of customer service.

No Downtime to your Wix site

Your website will be 100% available during the migration. All migration and configuration processes are executed in our own test servers. Your server performance and security is never compromised!

Need Additional Features

We understand that the best time to customize your website is to pair it up with the migration now. Tell us your customization requirements and we will make it happen.

Maintain your current Search Engine and Google rank

We make sure search engines are considered along with customers and web site operators. They key is to make it easy for search engines to understand the changes being made.

Your Content Is Safe

The data from your WiX site is not deleted, just copied and inserted into WordPress, so automated migration with cmstowp ensures total data safety.

Painless migration

We do the migration for you from start to finish or until you are happy and satisfied. If you need, we can also help transform your website to a professional WordPress theme, fix internal links and 301 redirects.

No migration tools

We know that migration tools do not provide 100 percent fidelity and the importance of your data, so we do not utilize or depend on any automated tools or robots. We at CMS are WordPress experts and develop solution to cater to the specific needs of your website or blog.

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  • After they evaluated our website, we entered into an agreement to re-platform the website and migrate the data from Drupal to WordPress. My customer is very happy with the WordPress environment and the website they delivered. Satisfied with their work, we entered into a one-year maintenance/support agreement. I would highly recommend them, they are professional and responsive. Our project delivered on time and within budget.
    Beverly Hilton
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